Why Choose a Reverse Coffee Co. Glass Enema Kit?


LOVE IT!! I have had several other kits in the past and this one is by far the best of all! It provides a high level of sanitary feeling each time.

William Hobbs

So glad i found this one! Has everything I was looking for and at a fair price. You can't beat glass for enemas, it's non-toxic (critical) and able to see what's actually happening. With stainless steel you can't see if you're at the bottom of the liquids. This one comes with bonuses that others don't.. go for it and happy healing!

Melanie J.

Absolutely solid design. I've tried so many types of enema buckets and had yet to find a glass one. This is absolutely perfect for everything related to enema wellness. This kit is everything you need to be safe and comfortable with easy sanitation and cleanup after.

Anon. USA

This is an excellent kit and I use it multiple times per week. I was looking for a glass bucket, rather than the alternatives, as it doesn't leach impurities. 


This is easily a 5 star enema kit I use it daily to help a health condition and am grateful everyday for the thought and consideration put into the product. 


We are so grateful to of discovered the "be your brightest" glass enema kit. We purchased 2 complete kits, one for my husband and one for myself. 

B & H

I came to learn about Reverse Coffee enema via Amazon and found it to be exceptionally good. While it can no longer be found there, I've since ordered a second one on the website. They are super responsive to any issue and the service is beyond great. Highly recommended!

Sharon USA

It's easy to clean, I love that it's glass. It's WAY more sturdy than my last glass one (another brand) which broke when I was cleaning it. I love the glass tips! What a bonus!!!!!!

J. Savage